4000 Rupees? That Doc is clearly trying to make his hospital rich!

Patients these days often complain of Doctors ordering a lot of investigations and blame doctors for doing so for business purpose and increase hospital funds. They might even visit another Doctor just to confirm the investigation and that turns out nearly a double. Anyway, I’ve heard people criticizing Doctors so much for ordering investigations. Now, from a different perspective, Doctors have to save their asses from lawsuits just to confirm the diagnosis even if it’s clinically diagnosable, so they order workups as a backup for being on the safe side. And sometimes hey, all investigations are mandatory according to the clinical guidelines for the treatment and follow up part, which is not understandable by reading that page through wifi!

Sometimes, the hands of Doctors are tied by your Health Insurance policy giving only specific investigation rights to Doctors. That is actually very unhealthy, ironically. One may need an MRI for ruling out a brain tumor but the Health Insurance only allows CT scan. So, that’s that. But, to be fair, all investigations ordered by “Most” Doctors are actually needed in one way or the other. If the patient is economically challenged, he or she should tell the Doctor or ask if there are any options to order the highest priority-investigation first. That could work.  But, generally any Doctor would like to give the best service first and save time for both himself and the patient, so that’s what they do, when patients overlook it and judge all they can.

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